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Garden plants

Finding the right garden plants for your Ballarat property

If you’re refreshing your garden or giving it a total makeover, chances are you’re thinking about plant selection. The plants you choose now will set the scene for how your garden looks as it grows and changes over the coming years. Selecting the right species for your area, the microclimate and the look you want to achieve is very important. When it comes to choosing garden plants in Ballarat, many people choose to play it safe and go with low maintenance choices. However, if you want your new garden to really stand out and look professionally designed, it’s a good idea to get some assistance.

At Absolute Garden & Landscaping, we’re proud to have outstanding working knowledge of what thrives in the suburbs we service. We also have excellent working relationships with nurseries and suppliers in the area, so we able to secure quality plants at great value prices, passing the savings on to you. We may be able to source unique garden plants that you can’t find at your average shop.

Hedging plants and screens

If you’re planning to use a hedge as a border or for privacy, it’s important to ensure that it’s established well. With the right care and maintenance, your new hedging plants will be able to reach their full potential. This means regular pruning to keep the growth thick yet controlled, as well as good fertilisation and pest management to ensure the leaves are lush and green. You may also wish to choose hedging plants other than a box hedge, to make your property really stand out.

To discuss plant selection for your garden, call us on 0419 799 999.